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I’m going to jump right in and share one of my deepest, most challenging moments. Have you ever received a phone call that stops you in your tracks because the news is just paralyzing?

On March 8, 2017 I was hit in the heart with some devasting news. After years of litigation I lost in my divorce case. The majority of the rulings were against me when I had been assured, by my lawyer, that my case was strong. I would later learn he made a few huge mistakes that ended in the results I received and other lawyers questioned his actions. The litigation took me on a very costly and painful road. The costs were not just financial but my health and relationships suffered. I was looking for a fair and equitable settlement and there appeared to be nothing fair about it at all. I have come to learn how naïve I was. I was a fish out of water in the legal world. I was devasted beyond words.

How was I going to find healing from this mess?

I gave myself 2 days to feel it all. I numbed out binging on tv, avoided everyone I knew, ate a few bags of potato chips and lots of pizza washing it all down with wine. I was angry and scared. It all felt so unfair. I felt stupid I had let people take advantage of me. I felt disrespected and betrayed. We’ve all had really bad times in our life and this was in my top 3. Strangely, it was all instrumental in teaching me to rally quickly and make powerful decisions. I chose to make this experience another healing opportunity.

It took me 2 days to rally my strength and on the third day I vowed to step out of the depression and out of the past. I now knew better and I was not sliding down the rabbit hole this time!!! I rallied and declared to myself that I will no longer spend my life in regret and anger. Nope it is time to move forward appreciating life and all the blessings I have.

I remember so clearly a vision I had that day while meditating. I was in school at a desk and it was facing a blackboard filled with those top 3 worst days of my life. I picked up my desk and turned it in the opposite direction. This direction is filled with love, light healing and creativity. YES, to all that!!

As I rallied, on that third day, I sat down to begin writing my book, to share my story, about how I used an integrative health care plan to address my serious health issues. I was so driven to tell my story to help others, especially women diagnosed with breast cancer and those living with chronic illness. I found treatment and support to guide me in my healing and I felt others needed to know of new possibilities for themselves.

It is time to change the narrative around women’s health – I like to take on big projects – so I decided to use my story as a vehicle to create change. I was so driven to start writing and it poured out of me. The devastating news was really a catalyst to write my story.

When you are in a tunnel in your life and all you see is darkness do what you need to do, to feel it all, and then RISE UP. The writing of my book completely diminished the event of March 8, 2017. I rose up and wrote a book that is helping women connect to their strength and take powerful actions in their healthcare.

With the writing of my book, I say, “HELL NO” to the crap that has happened and “HELL YES” to moving forward facing in the right direction where love, light and healing await. Join me!

For the whole story of my health journey and learning about Integrative Healthcare check out my book:



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