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Is Life a Challenge or a Healing Opportunity?

How does one survive and thrive after or even during a life challenge? We all have them at some point. You know the big milestones that take us to our knees, and you wonder if you will be able to get back up and persevere.

For me, my biggest life challenges all came within a 4 year window; divorce, breast cancer, lung disease, family upheaval, abandonment and betrayal.

In 2002 I separated from my husband and in 2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and lung disease. At the same time, my family completely fell apart with all 3 siblings were not speaking to each other and two ageing ill parents to add to the mix. It was a dark storm, a shit show and all the big challenges seemed to come in like freight trains, one after the other. I slid in and out of major depressive episodes and felt something must be so wrong with me for all this bad stuff to happen.

What all these challenges offered me was a choice to either embrace life as a healing opportunity or stay stuck in the emotional and physical pain.

After being diagnosed with 2 life threatening illnesses at the same time something in me woke up! My strong Inner Warrior ignited and I knew I had to find the best treatment I could or I was going to die. Yep, talk about your motivation. Above it all I chose to embrace the healing opportunities.

I found complementary holistic treatments that supported me in my healing. The most important part of my treatment was energy healing. I love everything related to energy healing. The secret is simple. When we change the energy in our body then our physical body responds to do what it does best, which is to heal itself. We have all had cuts and the body knows exactly what to do to heal. I learned to take this to a much deeper level. My experience with energy healing was profound and brought me into alignment on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It took time, patience and persistence but I was willing because I wanted to live.

I will share my stories with you from when I descended into the challenges and really dark moments and my ascension into the light and healing that saved my live. I now as an Author, Energy Healer, Health Coach and Wellness Advocate. I support others in their healing.

I believe in HOPE. Sometimes you have to look really hard for it but that is ok. Hearts open wide and invite it in. May my stories offer you hope and may they inspire your own healing.

Welcome to my blog: Hope, Healing and Inspiration

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