Change Your Life

What is Energy Healing?

The main focus of each session is to balance the energy system and assist the body to heal in a natural way.

Energy Healing is a heart-centred intentional practice to balance and harmonize the energy fields in the body. Energy healing is ancient and with that comes wisdom of the body/mind/emotional and physical connection.When the energy of our body shifts it supports ones health and healing on all levels.

Everything is energy. Each of us has a physical body and an energy body.  The energetic body affects everything.  If there is a disruption in your energy field it can manifest in unhealthy ways emotionally, physically and mentally. The modalities used are specifically tailored to release the disruptions and energy blocks for the client.  Once they are released healthy change is created on all levels. More energy is now available for healing and symptoms resolve. The body is created to heal itself and energy healing sessions support this natural and powerful process.

Energy Therapies are non invasive, holistic and a gentle approach that creates positive changes.

 Energy Therapies Help with..

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Headaches
  • Fears/phobias
  • Injuries from accidents
  • Eliminating allergies/sensitivites
  • Learning disabilities
  • Parenting frustrations
  • Emotional aspects of physical challenges
  • Low self esteem
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Excessive guilt, worry and anger
  • Depression
  • Releasing unresolved grief, trauma and fear
  • Creating positive changes for those feeling stuck and unhappy

How does Energy Healing help women going through challenging times and health issues?

Going through challenging times is  highly stressful time.  Emotions run high and so do fears and worry.  Energy Healing helps the clients release these high levels of emotions and stress then in turn  the body can process them in a healthy way creating more ease.

When intense emotions are released in a session there are many benefits. These benefits include; physical relief from symptoms, feeling lighter, feeling calmer, making decisions are done with more clarity and hope is rekindled for healthier living.

Energy Healing also help people improve and maintain their health during  turbulent times.

As clients go through the different stages I help them with challenges to release the stress. I also help them with techniques they can use on their own.

Clients feel supported and able to take their next best step forward with confidence.

Integrative Approach to Health

Health is an integrative process and it requires an integrative approach. As a Holistic Health Coach and Energy Healer I take all aspects of your health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I assist you in highlighting the priorities and  bringing all the pieces together for success.   As we work together I guide you take the power of your health into your own hands with knowledge, skill and ease.

As I work with my clients doors open  to new possibilities for health and well being.

Please open this pdf to learn the Cortices Technique.

This technique helps balance you and release stress.  It also improves focus.

These People Have Changed Their Lives

Over the years I have seen Sharon for Reiki, TAT, and BodyTalk.
I have also had distance sessions with her. Sharon is patient, understanding
and truly dedicated to her practice.She has a great sense of humor, so her sessions are enjoyable as well as beneficial. I would recommend Sharon to all my friends and family.

DS, Winnipeg, Manitoba ​

I am very grateful I met Sharon in 2010 when I was in the midst of my inner turmoil. At 36, I was on the edge of a complete breakdown. Sharon’s work made a shift from the first session. She was gentle, accommodating and comprehensive. Today, I can say that I have found my purpose in life and am happier than ever. I have allowed love to guide my life and it has shown me a wonderful husband, beautiful kids and an extraordinary mission. Today I am the Founder of a movement that empowers women from East to West. Thank you Sharon. I love you with all my heart.’

SS, Toronto, Ontario

Sharon’s intuitive, honest, and kind nature is appreciated during our TAT sessions. I am like puddy in her hands as she helps me uncover and release stored issues that no longer serve me. I have done many sessions with Sharon and I consistently felt honoured, cared for, and spiritually nourished.

MB, Toronto, Ontario

The last few days at work were crazy – my throat would start hurting as the stress increased but when I took a breath and grounded myself everything changed. I can’t thank you enough for that advice xoxo. The rescue remedy also helps ;). I honestly feel like a different person this year and the tools you gave me just give me an even brighter outlook for this year.

JT, Toronto, Ontario