Have you finished treatment and are wondering how to move forward?
Are you feeling exhausted, fearful and frustrated?
Do you worry that you will never recover?
Do you feel misunderstood by family and friends?
Are you fearful of reoccurrence?
Do you feel alone and would like support in your recovery?
Are you looking for your next step…

Common Concerns

  • Experiencing difficulty in returning to every day life after living in crisis mode during diagnosis and treatment.
  • Experiencing a heightened sense of vulnerability.
  • Living with the fear of reoccurrence.
  • Difficulty dealing with physical changes and side effects from treatment.
  • Feelings of diminished self-worth.
  • Changes in relationships with family and friends.
  • Challenges of taking care of oneself post treatment.

Benefits of the Support Group

  • Learn techniques to use on your own whenever you may need help to reduce stress.
  • Experience a new sense of calm and slowly let go of being in constant crisis mode.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Develop an ability to be gentler with yourself while in recovery.
  • Feel more accepting and understanding of your recovery time and process.
  • Feel supported by and connected to others.
  • Discover holistic treatments to support your healing and health going forward.

Breast Cancer Support System

In each group session the Breast Cancer Support System will be used to identify common challenges faced by women after treatment ends.  The system helps women work toward improved health and self-confidence.

Addressing challenges and releasing the stress around these experiences helps the body and mind to relax.

To release the stress we will be using Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and other holistic techniques that are easy to learn and easy to use in the group and on your own.

Tapas Acupressure Technique

Tapas Acupressure Technique  helps heal the emotional and physical challenges from diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment.

TAT is a process developed by Tapas Fleming, a licensed Acupuncturist.   The TAT process consists of the client using a series of statements while holding acupressure points. Using the combination of the statements and the pose, releases stress, traumas and negative beliefs.  As stress is released easily, the body moves into a calm state where physical and emotional symptoms can resolve.

Group Sessions

Each session will have a main topic relating to survivors of breast cancer such as fear of reoccurrence.

Each participant privately writes down their concerns and challenges from their experience.  You may share this with the group or not – there is absolutely no pressure to do so.  With TAT you do not have to talk about the issue or re-live it to clear it.

The group is guided through the Tapas Acupressure Technique process. It is a combination of meditation and self- acupressure.

The process is easy and simple. After the TAT session the most common response is feeling calm and peaceful.

I invite you to join the group:

Introductory Program: 4 sessions once a week.

Follow Up Program: Group Sessions available on a weekly basis.  Day and evening sessions available. All sessions are online at this time.

The Importance of Attending the Group

I am a breast cancer survivor.  During my treatment I discovered Tapas Acupressure Technique. I credit this treatment with helping me deal with the emotional and physical challenges throughout that time and post treatment.

I was so grateful TAT came into my life that I became a Certified Practitioner.

I found one of the most difficult challenges was the day I came home from my last radiation treatment and found myself alone and lost.  There was no support or follow up in place. TAT was there to help me.

Finishing breast cancer treatment does not mean the end of it.  It is time to heal body, mind and soul.  Release the traumas and fears to move forward with more ease.

I am now offering group TAT sessions for breast cancer survivors to assist them with after treatment challenges.


Getting back to life can be so much easier with support and TAT.


Private Sessions are also available.

Make an Appointment With Me

For a limited time, I will show you the exact system that helped me and many of my clients go through
the Breast Cancer experience with hope, being able to cope and feeling supported.

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Join my crusade…my passion…my movement for the advancement of complementary holistic breast cancer treatment…

The Breast Cancer Support System integrates my years as a teacher, extensive training and certification in the areas of energy medicine and client assistance, as well as, my personal experience with Breast Cancer.

I incorporate all my training, experience and certifications to help women with breast cancer become empowered about their health.

I teach a holistic model of health integrating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

I am excited to connect with each client to  discover their healing to move forward   and live life fully.