The RISE Breast Cancer Group Healing Program includes tools, support, and healing to help you move through your
Breast Cancer recovery journey.

Let’s Rise Together in Support and Empowerment

In this group you will…

In this Breast Cancer Healing and Support Group You Will…

  • Go through recovery with more comfort and confidence
  • Feel more accepting and understanding of your recovery time and process
  • Feel understood and listened to
  • Look after yourself with more ease and clarity
  • Release energetic trauma and feelings of overwhelm and fear
  • Connect to your breath and manage your stress
  • Listen to your body and have more energy for everyday living
  • Calm your mind
  • Learn techniques to use on your own whenever you need help to reduce stress

Release Stress |  Rebalance Your Energy | Be Empowered

When you come together in a small group of women who are on a similar journey, you are stronger together. You feel empowered, recovering together in a healing journey; a place where you can be yourself. You will discover inner strength and healing together.

I am your coach, guide, and healer. I will hold space for you and your group. It is a space that you can be yourself without worry, fear, or judgement. This is a place where you can address past experiences without reliving them. It is a time to carve out for yourself; a precious opportunity to release trauma while gently moving you forward with more ease. It’s a space for you.

The Rise Breast Cancer Group  Healing Program uses aspects of the RISE Breast Cancer Support System and provides you with a warm, caring, and supportive environment to receive wisdom and feel empowered.


What does the group program experience look like?

  • Weekly online zoom meetings in a supportive small group, of no more than 8 women, for 5 weeks.
  • Sessions are 90 minutes.
  • Each week will have a main topic relating to breast cancer recovery such as fear of reoccurrence.
  • A combination of easy and simple energy healing techniques, such as meditation, self-acupressure, will be used to support you.
  • The process in the group is easy and simple and the most common response at the end of a session is feeling calm and peace

You are not alone.

Are you ready to feel empowered towards your health and well being?