“My Inner Warrior is the part of me that embodies all my strength and courage. In this space, I have clarity of thought, strength of intuitive knowing, and courage to do what is right with no hesitation to stand up and speak up”.

Sharon Permack

To all women looking to discover their inner warrior, this book is for you.

So many of us have been pushed to limits we never knew existed. This book will guide you through your darkest moments and help you discover your light within.

Its time reconnect to your power and let your inner warrior rise.

Sharon Permack

Sharon Permack

Millions of Knots: Discovering My Light Through Cancer

A Story of Hope, Healing and Inspiration

Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer and an autoimmune lung condition, in September of 2006, while moving through a divorce. She shares her story honestly and vulnerably for all women facing hardship, offering a clear message that you are not alone.

Millions of Knots Will Guide You Through Your Battle with Breast Cancer

Whether you have breast cancer, are a survivor or know someone who is on this journey, this book inspires you to relate to the experience and know there is hope.

Millions of Knots; Discovering My Light Through Cancer began as a book for women diagnosed with breast cancer and those going through treatment and in recovery. It evolved to be a story for all women to make powerful decisions and advocate for their health.

So many women don’t know where to turn but feel in their heart there has to be a better path of support. Millions of Knots offers compassion, strength, encouragement and the wisdom to explore new possibilities in health.

Foreword of the book is written by Grace Shaw, Spiritual and Meditation Teacher.

Millions of Knots is an excellent companion for:

  •  Women going through a challenging health experience.
  •  Women going through breast cancer diagnosis, those in treatment and those in recovery.
  •  Family, friends and companions of those battling health issues.
  •  Those looking to understand the body/mind connection for healing.
  •  Women looking for empowerment to make strong life choices.

What people are saying about Millions of Knots: Discovering My Inner Light Through Cancer

Millions of Knots is a gift for any woman who has experienced cancer or a life threating illness and her loved one who walk beside her. Sharon shares her heart and how she embarked on a healing journey during a difficult time. She shines light and is a voice of encouragement sharing her resources that need to be in the hands of all woman to become wellness warriors.

Jessica Valor – Host of the Jessica Valor Show, Founder of The Healer’s Academy, Author & Master Energy Healer

Millions of Knots is an honest and informative book, a must read for every woman and for all those supporting women with breast cancer. Sharon tells her story with incredible vulnerability which gives rise to inspiration and thoughts of what are the infinite possibilities for healing.

Jenna Wakely – RMT, Adv BTP, BF

Sharon’s book was so compelling I could not put it down. I am amazed by all that she went through and her authentic sharing.
Not only did she come through it but she turned her lessons into a more positive path for others. Sharon’s story is a relatable and inspiring, and even a lifeline to millions of women for years to come.

Heather Skoll – Founder of the Reset Zone app, https://www.resetzone.ca

I read your book in 2 days as it was hard to stop! Your story was moving, vulnerable and courageous. Women facing similar situations can draw strength from your words and encouragement. I loved the spaces where there was a pause and a paragraph of hope and wisdom.
My favourite line of the book “Even warriors leave the battlefield to regroup and rest”
Well done!

Lynn Pelzer – President FemCity Toronto

Sharon shares life lessons for everyone. Her words are so powerful, and her story is raw and real, yet you are left with a sense of comfort. Sharon teaches us all to be patient, kind and loving towards ourselves through her personal journey. While Sharon has physically and emotionally experienced what many would consider roadblocks, she overcame these through her resourcefulness, determination and grit. Her openness is raw and real and she holds nothing back. I left reading this book feeling empowered to tap into my inner warrior strength and reminded that we all have it within ourselves.

Amanda Gobatto – Online Business Strategist and Consultant, www.digitalgirlconsulting.com

Hundreds of emotions flooded within me as Sharon took me through her pain-staking and awe-inspiring journey of immeasurable strength, tenacity, fortitude, and resilience. At a time when society is finally acknowledging the adverse effects of long-term trauma lodged in the body as well being at the brink of the awakening of the Divine Feminine, this book is a treasure. I believe it is destined to be an inspiration, a prevention guide, and a beacon of hope for our sisters.

Sholina Jivraj – Integrative Movement and Wellness Specialist, www.sholinajivraj.com

Millions of Knots allows the reader to see breast cancer through the eyes of the patient. Whether you have breast cancer, have survived breast cancer or just know someone who is on that journey, this book allows you to relate to the experience and realize you are not alone. Her insightful view of the lessons she learned and the different energy modalities that you can use to heal gives the reader much hope and valuable information to advocate for themselves in their healing journey going forward. This is a must read.

Betty Haynes – Owner of Have It All Health

As Sharon speaks of her experiences, the reader is drawn into the story immediately and feels empathy for the situation she found herself in – such is the power of her words. As a breast cancer survivor and now breast cancer coach, I’ve been through this journey too. I’ve heard many different stories from the women with whom I’ve worked. Each story is unique, like the woman herself. Sharon’s story is also unique, and very well-written. Her message matters, especially where she describes the necessity to be kind, loving and gentle with yourself and to put the Super Woman cape down for awhile and not be afraid to ask for help while going through a life-threatening disease. Her description of waking up to her spirituality as she moves through this journey is very moving. This book is highly recommended to anyone going through breast cancer. It gives hope, inspires, and it will definitely help you through your journey.

Marnie Clark – Breast Cancer Coach, www.marnieclark.com

Millions of Knots offers an honest and inspiring story of a journey through cancer and chronic illness to one of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment. Sharon provides insightful recommendations for anyone struggling with their health and yearning for support and growth along the way. Her model of whole-body health represents the wave of change that is putting health back into the patient’s hands and is quickly changing the face of health care for the future.

Dr. Tracey Clark – Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine, Manual Osteopath, Advanced BodyTalk Instructor and Practitioner

In Millions of Knots, Sharon Permack takes you on a surprising journey of courage through her own dark night of the soul. A clear-eyed yet deeply vulnerable storyteller, she models what it means to discover wisdom in even the most extreme circumstances. And she redefines beauty from the inside out in a way that is both humbling and admirable. I encourage every woman to read this book now, before she has to navigate such intense health and family issues herself.

Sharon Desjarlais – creator of CraniosacralSuccess.com

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