Sharon Permack

Sharon Permack

Energy Healer
Holistic Health Coach
Wellness Advocate
Best-Selling Author
BA Psychology
Diploma in Education
Certificate in Special Education
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Certified TAT Pro
Certified Holistic Manifestation Coach
Member of the International BodyTalk Association
Member in the Ontario College of Teachers

For years I had an increasing number of health issues including low thyroid functioning, depression, and frequent bronchitis and pneumonia. Then, at the age of 47, I was diagnosed with two serious and life-threatening diseases in the same week; breast cancer and pulmonary fibrosis all while moving through divorce and financial struggles.

I was scared! Not to mention, extremely overwhelmed.
I was very ill, depressed, alone, and feeling unsupported.

My health turned a corner when I started working with an integrative, holistic approach using western medicine, energy healing, and other complementary therapies and modalities.

I found the courage that I never knew existed.

I was introduced to new and exciting opportunities to improve my wellbeing and made great strides in my personal growth as well as my physical recovery. I was finally on the road to wellness.
Through my experience, I studied modalities that supported me which lead me to becoming a Holistic Health Coach and Energy Healer. I have been blessed with great mentors who held space for me and now I am honoured to hold space for you too.

I have many techniques to release stress easily. Self-care is always a priority. I consciously take action every day to put my health first: body, mind, and spirit. I walk my talk; I am a Wellness Warrior advocating for my health as you will be for yourself.

My mission is to empower women to awaken and reconnect to their inner warrior as they travel on the road to wellbeing.

My book, Millions of Knots; Discovering My Light Through Cancer is where I bare it all and share what saved my life. In the book, I share my private stories from the diagnoses, the divorce, recovery, and living with a chronic illness. I share my heart and how I never gave up and always got back up taking steps forward with my Inner Warrior leading the way. I talk about the importance of the emotional and mental support that I received from some specific people who I intentionally chose to surround and support me. This was the important support that reminded me that giving up was not an option and it was the type of support that I could not receive from friends and family.

Today I lead a holistic life filled with loving energy healing, yoga, nutritious divine cooking, and spiritual connection. I am also an acrylic intuitive artist. I honour my life and pay it forward holding space for others to rise up and heal.

I want you to know that you are not alone. I am here to walk alongside you.

It IS possible to feel better in your body AND live your healthiest life possible with ease and confidence. I walk along your side on this journey as your coach, guide, and facilitator. No question is too big or too scary. I am here for you.