Welcome, Wellness Warrior!

You are likely here because you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, are in treatment, or are in recovery.

You are in the right place. Breast Cancer is a very frightening diagnosis, please know that you are not alone.

You are most likely going through the medical system where your life is now mostly about doctor and specialist appointments as well as treatments. You are experiencing a flood of emotions and most likely feel overwhelmed.

Take a deep breath and join me. You’ve got this.

Let’s RISE together.

RISE ~ Breast Cancer Support System

My name is Sharon and I am here to walk along your side as your coach, guide, and facilitator. I use my integrative, holistic approach to support you using my uniquely curated RISE Breast Cancer Support System whether you sign up for 1:1 or group support.

This system uses proven tools and techniques to help you develop new coping skills needed to deal with cancer including four foundational aspects of personal health: Self Awareness, Self Care, Self Esteem, and Self Confidence.


Where I can meet you in your
Breast Cancer journey?

Click on the button above to book a Complimentary Wellness Discovery Session.

Click on the button above to book a Complimentary Wellness Discovery Session.

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Imagine how it will feel when you are moving through your Breast Cancer journey
with more ease, knowledge, and a sense of empowerment.

You will feel lighter and balanced.
You will embrace your inner strength.
You will feel supported and understood.
You will feel empowered with more clarity and a path forward.

My mission is to support and hold space for women like you. You deserve to feel supported through this journey and to experience the least amount of stress as possible so that you can be stronger and awaken your Inner Warrior. It’s time to step into your power and become your own health advocate throughout your Breast Cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Even if you have a lot of support around you throughout your journey, if those loved ones have not been through a breast cancer diagnosis it is difficult for them to fully understand.

I completely understand as I am a breast cancer survivor. I turned to an integrative healthcare approach to address what I was going through. I had tremendous struggles in dealing with it all and I was going through a divorce at the time and needed extra support. Using an integrative healthcare approach (a combination of western medicine and a variety of modalities) made all the difference for me. It was so profound I went on to study several modalities and became a Holistic Health Coach and Energy Healer.

I specialize in using a holistic, integrative approach addressing not only your physical body but also your mental and emotional body. I assist you in focusing in on your current priority and offer a program to put the power of your health into your hands. Unique to the RISE Breast Cancer Support System is multi-modality energy healing to help release old beliefs and patterns that hold you back to help you move forward and walk in confidence and security throughout your journey

It is time to feel supported, to rise up, and heal and know you have a knowledgeable, caring, and committed advocate in your back pocket all the way!



Over the years I have seen Sharon for Reiki, TAT, and BodyTalk.
I have also had distance sessions with her. Sharon is patient, understanding
and truly dedicated to her practice.She has a great sense of humor, so her sessions are enjoyable as well as beneficial. I would recommend Sharon to all my friends and family.

DS, Winnipeg, Manitoba ​

I am very grateful I met Sharon in 2010 when I was in the midst of my inner turmoil. At 36, I was on the edge of a complete breakdown. Sharon’s work made a shift from the first session. She was gentle, accommodating and comprehensive. Today, I can say that I have found my purpose in life and am happier than ever. I have allowed love to guide my life and it has shown me a wonderful husband, beautiful kids and an extraordinary mission. Today I am the Founder of a movement that empowers women from East to West. Thank you Sharon. I love you with all my heart.’

SS, Toronto, Ontario

Sharon’s intuitive, honest, and kind nature is appreciated during our TAT sessions. I am like puddy in her hands as she helps me uncover and release stored issues that no longer serve me. I have done many sessions with Sharon and I consistently felt honoured, cared for, and spiritually nourished.

MB, Toronto, Ontario

The last few days at work were crazy – my throat would start hurting as the stress increased but when I took a breath and grounded myself everything changed. I can’t thank you enough for that advice xoxo. The rescue remedy also helps ;). I honestly feel like a different person this year and the tools you gave me just give me an even brighter outlook for this year.

JT, Toronto, Ontario